_Relevant trends of MobileIron Live! 2019: IT security as a big challenge

IT security poses major challenges for all companies and is therefore also of central importance for technology providers. This became clear during the event and is also reflected in the choice of topics.

Simon Biddiscombe, CEO of MobileIron, pointed out an increase in cybercrime and the associated costs:

_Despite growing investments in IT security products, 2 out of 3 companies were already affected by a security attack._ Simon Biddiscombe CEO MobileIron
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_Topics such as zero trust, a passwordless future and IT security that concerns everyone were therefore discussed intensively at MobileIron Live! 2019.

_1_Zero Trust

Zero Trust stands for a concept that proposes a new way to ensure IT security.

As the term Zero Trust implies, it is assumed that no user, device or application service should be trusted within or outside of one’s own network. The intention is not to distinguish between internal and external sources, which is a novelty in contrast to current practices. Every user or device should be mistrusted in principle, so that authentication must be checked for every interaction.

_The Zero Trust concept represents a paradigm shift for IT departments. As an IT consulting and service company, we analyze different approaches, compare them and align them with the requirements of our customers and technological developments. Here, we are constantly working together with our technology and EMEA partners to provide our customers with the best possible solutions._ Bastian Klein Head of Business Development and Marketing EBF

_2_Passwordless future

Due to current technological developments, passwords alone are no longer a sufficient means of protecting data. Two-factor authentication (2FA) is considered much more secure, in which two independent login components are queried, so that cyber attacks are unsuccessful if hackers lack the second authentication component. The development of technologies now points to a passwordless future in which the device is at the center of identity.

_MobileIron is taking a big step forward with its updated zero-password strategy and will challenge other specialized authentication players with its solution._ Martin Blattmann Deputy Managing Director Nomasis

_3_IT security concerns everyone

All enterprise mobility technology is not just about making device management and security easier for IT teams. Rather, it puts us in a position where it is easier for more people to use their own devices and work more securely through continuous controls, authentication, and better risk knowledge. In the future, IT security should be better understood and actively implemented by employees so that everyone can play a part in ensuring that company data is protected and employees can work securely.

_To ensure IT security in companies, it is not sufficient to invest only in IT products and measures. The company’s own employees are an equally important linchpin. IT security can only be implemented in the Digital Workplace, the workplace of the future, if they are made aware of the issue and are prepared to assume responsibility for data-protected and secure work on their own in the long term._ Adam Monks Marketing Executive CWSI
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