_Single-Sign-On – more user-friendliness and security now also for Android

Single Sign-On (SSO) provides users with convenient access to resources released for them – without compromising the security of sensitive data. After one-time authentication, they can access authorized accounts and applications without having to log on again each time. The logout of all these systems is also possible via a single logout.

For a long time, however, companies could only use the Single Sign-On option for iOS devices. Android users were forced to sacrifice convenience due to a lack of Kerberos support, which limited usability and compromised security.

That has now changed. We’ll show you how Hypergate can help you give your employees easy access to relevant resources on Android devices.

_The dilemma of comfort and safety

_When choosing access data, a balancing act between convenience and security is required. We help our customers meeting this challenge_ Thierry Lammers CEO BLAUD

On the one hand, passwords must be secure and ideally vary for each portal to ensure that sensitive data is adequately protected. On the other hand, users must be able to remember their access data easily – which is difficult with complex passwords and a large number of portals

_Single Sign-On for greater user-friendliness and security

Access via Single Sign-On is the perfect solution for this: After one-time authentication, all subsequent accesses by an authorized device give users direct access to shared resources event if they use different credentials. It is no longer necessary to enter a user name and password. The identity of the user is confirmed via the Single Sign-On portal

Access without SSO

  • Launching the platform

  • Entering the username

  • Entering the password

  • If necessary, reentering the password in case of incorrect entry or reseting of the password

  • Use the platform


Access with SSO

  • 01

    Launching the platform

  • 02

    Use of the platform

_This considerably increases the user-friendliness for the account owner, relieves IT by reducing the number of password reset requests at the help desk and prevents users from resorting to light passwords for convenience, using them several times and thus endangering the security of sensitive data_ Ulrik Van Schepdael CEO Mobco

Conversely, a user can also be separated from all resources by Single-Sign-Out with a single log-out.

_This allows sensitive data to be protected in the shortest possible time in the event of a hacker attack or if the employee leaves the company. We consider fast action enormously important here_ Ronan Murphy Managing Director CWSI

The advantage of Single Sign-On can otherwise become a major disadvantage and give an attacker access to a large number of accounts.

_After iOS, Android now joins the list

Active Directory is used in many organizations to manage users and uses the standard Kerberos protocol for authentication. This is supported by iOS, but not by Android. So far, companies could only use Single Sign-On for iOS devices and not use a cross-device mobile strategy. Hypergate now closes this gap and is a fast and secure single sign-on solution for Android that enables the use of the standard Kerberos protocol.

Hypergate is easy to configure, implement and deploy: In the backend it can be defined for which applications and users a Single Sign-On is offered, which guidelines apply and whether this should be based on user name and password or on a certificate. The solution is compatible with all leading Unified Endpoint Management systems such as MobileIron, Microsoft Intune, VMware Workspace ONE and BlackBerry® UEM and can be deployed to all employees via the app.

_With Hypergate, we now offer a solution that provides companies with the ability to apply a holistic strategy to their devices and give employees with Android and iOS devices equal access to relevant applications while maintaining full control_ Philipp Klomp Founder & CEO Nomasis

_Intelligent policies and multi-factor authentication for increased security

By combining the Single Sign-On option with intelligent policies and multi-factor authentication, security of mobile accesses can be significantly enhanced. This allows policies to be enforced that define that access data entry is not required in secure environments with approved software and hardware.

_This prevents unauthorized endpoints, users and applications from connecting to the enterprise cloud_ Marco Föllmer Founder and Managing Partner EBF

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