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_The Enterprise Mobility Expert Alliance is the largest group of mobility experts in Europe

The mobile revolution is changing the way we do business, the way we work and it basically impacts every aspect of our daily life. It’s also nurturing a new type of companies with a clear focus on mobile IT. These are considered experts in this domain and have clients in all segments of the market – up to large multi-national organizations.

Our mission is to bring these Experts and market leading companies together.

Our Experience and Expertise

_Why EMEA is the best solution for your business ?

EMEA Know How

It’s about know-how

Keeping up with the rapid mobile technology evolution is a challenge for every company. Every Alliance member has specialists for every domain, and these specialist exchange information and learnings on a regular basis.

This way the EMEA members can guarantee the latest information, architectures and designs for you. Clearly, this information works cross technology and cross vendor, a warranty only the best available components are used to build up (or rebuild) the mobile IT infrastructure.

EMEA Early Warning

Early warning information network

Although the stakes are high and technology ‘should’ alway work, we understand that there are situations where it just ‘stops’. Customers will recognize situations where troubleshooting issues turns out to be a software issue.
With EMEA all members share all information on discovered issues, limitations or bugs.
A valuable source of information that will:

checkmarkShorten troubleshooting delays
checkmarkAllow to make educated change requests, such as platform upgrades

EMEA Service

It’s about service

The EMEA members have synchronized their service offering and provide best-in-class support to their customers. Key learning from each member have been implemented to achieve the shortest time to repair.

An extra benefit for customers of EMEA members is the availability of pan-European 24/7 support with experts on call to fix just any issues within the set SLA.

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_Latest news from the EMEA world

EMEA Mobile Strategy

_Move your mobile strategy in the right direction: be proactive, not reactive

Mobile devices have an important role to play in the digitalization process and can open up a whole host of new opportunities for businesses.

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EMEA Android Enterprise

_Android Enterprise – Google’s operating system is becoming interesting for companies

According to a Gartner study, the share of Android devices sold worldwide was around 86 percent in 2017. However, companies account for only a small proportion of this, as, according to Egnyte, around 83 percent of all mobile activities performed by employees are carried out using Apple devices.

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EMEA Phishing Threat

_Corporate data under threat from phishing attacks

An e-mail with the request to “Please click here to confirm your data” or a fake landing page – these are the types of tricks scammers repeatedly use in their attempts to steal sensitive user data. So-called phishing is and remains one of the greatest security risks of the digital era.

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_We are the members of EMEA

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info@ebf.de +49 221 8888 500 ebf.de


sales@mob.co +32 2 6699 500 mob.co

Blaud B.V.

hello@blaud.com +31 88 001 8345 blaud.com
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Send us a message and we will try to get back to you as soon as possible.