_European Mobile & Remote Working Survey 2021

The mobile revolution is changing the way we live and work, never more so than in the current climate. That’s why we conduct a survey which aims to understand the key challenges and drivers as well as the current status quo and future developments of the Digital Workplace from an IT perspective – also with regard to the COVID 19 challenges. The resulting research report will help the EMEA group to develop future propositions and policies and will be freely available to technology decision-makers and leaders to inform their strategic thinking.

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On behalf of the EMEA group, thank you for your valued contribution to this survey.

_Key facts

  • Duration approx. 15 minutes
  • Target group: IT managers and IT administrators in companies of all industries and sizes
  • Anonymous survey
  • Topics: Strategy, User experience, Tools, Security, Resources, Future planning

_By completing the survey you will benefit from

  • Advanced access to the resulting research report
  • An exclusive invite to our digital launch event
  • Benchmarking your organisation against other European enterprises with respect to mobility and remote working

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